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Cloak+Dagger is about giving yourself one night a month where the rules just simply do not apply. It’s about excess, debauchery, an excess of champagne, and a lot of regrets when you wake up the next day.

Cloak+Dagger is about adventure, plain and simple. Designer, Elias Théroux began this monthly party in April 2013 in an effort to help cultivate a community that has lost sight of its original intent, having fun.

After much success and a need to expand, Cloak+Dagger became the platform for a sister event by the name of Smoke+Mirrors. While Cloak+Dagger continues to hunker down in its home base at The Bends in Downtown St. Petersburg, Smoke+Mirrors has flown the coop and resides at Anise in downtown Tampa every Thursday night.

Each party stands alone, having very different qualities, and very different vibes, but both maintain strong cohesion by sharing the same overall objectives. Each event works to transform an otherwise familiar space into a completely new and immersive experience with each and every detail considered. From lighting, to atmosphere, to the cocktails to imbibe, the smell in the air; the team at Savoir-Faire works to create a truly immersive, unique, and worthwhile experience for all patrons. Come play. Cloak+Dagger is every 1st Tuesday of the month at The Bends in downtown St. Petersburg. Smoke+Mirrors continues to build up as a new weekly Thursday party in downtown Tampa.

Be adventurous.

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Cloak+Dagger occurs every 1st Tuesday at The Bends in downtown St. Petersburg. The fun begins promptly at 10PM and ends when the last drop of champagne has been finished.

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